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Can I heal my gut? well, hopefully I can.

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These pages are the result of my research into various subjects related to health and nutrition.

Why You Should Not Eat NHS Prescription Gluten Free Food

9:42 am, August 25, 2015

You’ve just been diagnosed with Coeliac disease, your doctor tells you it’s fine, don’t worry. All you have to do is avoid gluten. He says it’s really easy these days, and points you in the direction of a dietition, or the NHS prescription foods list. I have first hand knowledge of this situation. Further on, [...]

Can Red Wine Be Healthy?

11:13 am, April 15, 2015

Just like countless others, I like to drink red wine. For a long time it has been my favourite tipple. Not particularly the Californian brands – they’re far too sweet, I prefer a Spanish Vino Tinto. Occasionally, a fuller bodied Rioja, but i’m quite partial to ordinary Vino de Mesa, which tends to have a [...]

Cadbury vs Lindt Chocolate

10:57 am, April 15, 2015

How many people do you know who could say no to chocolate – not many I bet. It is a well known fact that chocolate is very addictive, and woman are more prone to this addiction than men. The thing is with chocolate addiction as opposed to alcohol, or even recreational drugs, is people do [...]