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Histamine Reaction

Cannot drink Chamomile tea no more
Cannot drink Chamomile tea no more

It appears I may be getting more sensitive to selective foods. Tingling mouth and tongue, cracked lips follow when I drink Chamomile tea and Coconut milk. These are two foods I regard as healthy, it’s a shame I get issues, but unfortunately, this is the way it goes.

After a bit of research, I have discovered that I may be close to death.

“Anaphylactic shock is an acute, life-threatening emergency…..the following may occur within seconds or a few minutes after exposure to a substance to which you are very allergic:¬†Tingling or numbness around the mouth.”¬†(source)

I do not feel that my condition warrants the concern of being close to a anaphylactic shock, but it just shows how trying to diagnose yourself via the net can lead you to an over reaction. Many people have told me that they would not attempt to self diagnose via the internet for this reason.

The most likely cause is that my antifungals, and diet are working, and this is just another die-off symptom.

“Other death-stress chemicals cause direct cellular toxicity throughout the body. Immune/yeast complexes trigger the release of histamine, an irritating tissue hormone which initiates tissue inflammation and causes discomfort. Severe allergic and toxic reactions exacerbate the symptoms of Candida. Die-off reactions may last from a few days to a few weeks but usually clear up in less than a week.” (source)