Heal My Gut

Can I heal my gut


Month: July 2015

Candida Flare Up

This seems to be a regular occurrence. Just when I think i’m getting better and relax slightly, then bang – another candida flare. It drives you mad. There are three likely culprits for this latest one.   These are my Read more…

Histamine Reaction

It appears I may be getting more sensitive to selective foods. Tingling mouth and tongue, cracked lips follow when I drink Chamomile tea and Coconut milk. These are two foods I regard as healthy, it’s a shame I get issues, Read more…

Liver Cleanse

I had been meaning to try out this detox method for months, but for whatever reason I had put it off. Well Last Friday, I did it. The Hulda Clark methods are controversial, but having read the book, ‘The Cure Read more…