Heal My Gut

Can I heal my gut


Month: April 2015

Could it be FODMAP ?

From my initial diagnosis of CD, I soon realised that the NHS recommended protocol wasn’t going to cut it, so I searched the net for a more wholesome alternative. It wasn’t long before I found out about Candida overgrowth. This Read more…

Can Red Wine Be Healthy?

Just like countless others, I like to drink red wine. For a long time it has been my favourite tipple. Not particularly the Californian brands – they’re far too sweet, I prefer a Spanish Vino Tinto. Occasionally, a fuller bodied Read more…

Cadbury vs Lindt Chocolate

How many people do you know who could say no to chocolate – not many I bet. It is a well known fact that chocolate is very addictive, and woman are more prone to this addiction than men. The thing Read more…