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Blood Tests

So, the Doc suggested I should get tested for Osteoporosis, as apparently I am at a much higher risk now. The simple blood test would check my B12, and Folate levels because low levels are a key indicator. As I was having blood taken, I asked whether I could have a Kidney function test, and get an update on my IgA number. The kidney check was my main concern after having regular night sweats, back pain, and a d.i.y urine test suggesting raised Urobilinogen levels.

I got the results back for my tests today, and everything came back fine – all normal levels. This suggests that my back pain is muscle related, and after a quick search on-line, it appears I have a condition called ‘costochondritis‘. This does make sense, as a couple of months ago – whilst working on the house, I jolted my back, which gave me discomfort for a few weeks. This had subsided before christmas though. I reckon the ache resurfaced due my lack of exercise, and too much time haunched over my computer. I’m not sure why I’m still getting night sweats, but can only assume its die off from the anti-fungals I take regularly.

On another note, my new IgA number is 1.13, which compared to 94, my diagnosed number is a significant drop. As I havn’t eaten gluten in months, I would be shocked if it hadn’t dropped though.

Night Sweats and Back Pain

It’s been a few weeks since I started drinking lemon and EVOO. The night sweats still continue but aren’t as bad as they were, and my back pain has subsided significantly. About two weeks ago, I did my own urine analysis, and found Leukocytes to be a little raised, but Urobilinogen to be off the scale. This fits in with my self diagnosis of Kidney infection. Being very reluctant to see my GP, as he would no doubt put me on antibiotics – I researched  natural remedies.

My self cure consists of; Cranberry capsules, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Aloe Vera juice, Ginger-Organic Honey-Cinnamon. As to the amounts, and times taken during the day – this varies, due to experimentation. Plus plenty of water, and Camomile tea.

There are several possibilities for the reason of my Kidney issue. It’s either stones, an infection due to die off, or over use of anti-fungals.

I ended up visiting my GP anyway, because I wanted to find out how my IgA levels were doing. As blood tests were in the offing, I told him of my symptoms and other tests will be conducted. The results should tell me where the problem lies.

Liver Care Protocol

A liver cleanse is another protocol on my to do list. So, having read various instructional articles on the best methods for approaching this, I gathered up some ingredients. As you may already be aware the list goes as follows, Epsom Salts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Grapefruit. I have Epsom Salts for bathing, so in order to prepare myself, I took a teaspoon with water to test if I could tolerate it – nothing happened. The next day, I took two teaspoons in water – nothing happened. On a visit to the bathroom the next morning, I had my first experience of explosive diarrhea.

Explosive diarrhea is no laughing matter when it’s happening to you, but in hindsight I find it hilarious that one day last week I developed this condition. I could’ve been used as a weapon of mass destruction. Just bend me over, butt cheeks facing the enemy, and bang – shards of deadly excresion would have injured a small army, with the smell deadly enough to knock out a brigade. I had never experienced anything so disturbing as this. I’m just glad it only lasted for a day – I hope it never returns. If this is what I can expect from Epsom Salts, I think i’ll try a different tack.

So, I try the Lemon juice and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) protocol. This involves squeezing the juice from one Lemon, and mixing in 1 table spoon of EVOO. I do this for about a week or so, then one night I awake to a ringing wet bed, and a terrible ache in my back. These night sweats happen every night for a week, so I figure that it may be a Parasite attack, so take 5 Oregano Oil pills first thing in the morning, with my Lemon-EVOO mix. I Take another four tabs before I go to bed. I continue taking four tabs twice a day for eight days. The night sweats still happen, but i’m not quite as sweaty, but the back pain is getting worse. I consider the case, that maybe i’ve overdone it with the Oregano oil, and stop taking it.

This so called Liver Care Protocol seems to be causing my Kidneys great distress. So, at this moment, i’m still trying to figure out my next move. Three nights later, and my back still hurts.