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Ranitidine HCL vs Betaine HCL part 2

Continued from this post


After further testing, I have discovered that Betaine HCL is effective against bloating.

I developed a case of bloating more severe than normal, so I mixed up a teaspoon of Baking Soda with some warm water, and drank it quickly. There was no noticeable change in symptoms after 15 minutes, so I made some more and drank that too. The symptoms did not subside, but wern’t severe enough to warrant any medication, so I carried on, and eventually the bloating subsided.

The next day I had a similar episode, so to further my testing, I swallowed a Betaine HCL with Pepsin capsule. Within a few minutes, the bloating started dissipating.

This suggests to me that the bloating is due to fermentation because of too little acid, as the extra acid ingested must be neutralising. With no effect from the Baking Soda, my thoughts are reinforced of my stomach being already Alkalised.

Indian Restaurant

I got an attack of heartburn the other night (18th May) after a curry at an Indian restaurant. This is the first heartburn I have had experienced in a few months. Of course, I asked the waiter if they used wheat in their curry’s, and he replied no, “all made from scratch”. I did not eat any Naan bread, and I was assured the popadoms were made from Gram flour. There was a starter which consisted of  Pakoras, which were coated in Gram again, so everything checked out okay.

I love curry, and usually have at least one per week, I mainly eat my own, which I make from scratch. With my own curry, I never get heartburn, I may occasionally get burpy, but that is the case for most foods. To try and relieve the heart burn, I decided to try Bicarbonate of Soda mixed with Ascorbic acid. I mixed about half a teaspoon of each with some water and went to bed. Surprisingly, this seemed to work, and I had a fairly good nights sleep.

I suspect that there was wheat in the meal somewhere, as this type of gastric distress reminded me of how I used to feel after eating toast late at night.


My opinion is that bloating is caused by too little acid, but heartburn is caused by too much acid. I get the same burning sensation in the throat if I take a Betaine and let in sit in my mouth for too long, and swallow. I can feel the acid going down.

I do not need to take Ranitidine these days, as I have other more natural remedies to use in order to combat occasional bouts of extreme stomach distress. These attacks generally occur from eating whilst out and about. You just do not know what you’re eating unless it is prepared by yourself. People will lie to you, from restaurant staff to food manufacturers.


Muscle Atrophy – Wasting

My right leg thigh muscle – just above my knee is significantly smaller than my left knee. This is a concern as the arthritis which had plagued me for about 6 months has virtually disappeared. I did notice that once the swelling had subsided from my fungal arthritis attack, my muscle looked smaller, but it now appears to have shrunk back even more. This is the more disturbing because I have been exercising, and eating a far more healthy diet (or so I believe).

It may be that even though I am eating far better than I used to; the gut infection I have – possibly SIBO, is causing malnutrition. I say this because of the fact I am eating huge amounts of food, but find it very difficult to increase my weight.

Another condition I may suffer from is Adrenal fatigue as I find it difficult to get going in the morning, but seem to gather energy as the day progresses. My general muscle energy levels seem weak most days, which makes it a struggle to exercise. In an attempt to combat this I have taken to drinking licorice tea in the morning, and taking a zinc tablet before bed. Apparently, these two things can help the cortisol levels as the theory is that cortisol is low in the morning, and high in the evening.

I would go and see my GP for more tests, but he already thinks i’m a hypochondriac, and is confused about my reluctance to eat carbohydrates – stating that this is the reason I do not gain weight. The thing is I have gained 5kg from when I was at my lightest, and do seem to be steady now at around 62kg. This is eating predominantly a SC diet, but I probably eat more fruit than I should.

I did feel as though I was gradually getting better, with my knee having full movement, and almost normal bowel movements from time to time. Today, I feel despondent after seeing my leg this morning, and being constipated once more. It’s probably like most things, in that there’s never a continual upward slope – rather a much bumpier ride.


Salmon with Cauliflower Mash

Salmon and Cauliflower MashSalmon is an easy food to cook and with a good sauce, such as my Lemon, Butter, Chilli favourite it takes just a few minutes to prepare.

This time I have added Cauliflower mash, which is a great potato replacement. The reason I look to avoid potatoes as much as possible is the high glycemic load. I am pretty much convinced that potatoes aggravate arthritis too.





I generally steam my vegetables. so the first veggies to get into the steamer are the carrots, and then the beans. Followed by the Cauliflower.Steam these until just tender.

Put the Salmon under the grill on a medium heat when the veggies are almost done. I like to sprinkle salt, and a smear of butter over the salmon while its cooking. Rotate the salmon, so as not to let it burn.

Get the sauce going.

Take the Cauliflower out of the steamer, and place into a pre-heated pan. Add a good wedge of butter, and Celery salt. Mash until creamy.

To serve, put the vegetables on the plate first, and then place the salmon fillet on top of the Caulliflower mash. Then pour the sauce all over.


Travelling with Coeliac

A recent road trip through Spain woke me to the perils of eating on the road. This is not the first time I have travelled since I was diagnosed, but it’s the first time I have had gut issues. Perhaps it was my own fault for being lax so not preparing enough in advance. Not only did I not prepare enough food for my eight hour journey, but I failed to have my Betaine tablets to hand. On previous excursions, I have prepared cooked chicken, and Gram flat bread, or a large flask of soup. This time, there was just a small amount of soup, and a packet of pork scratchings. I reckoned I would be okay, as it’s just an eight hour drive to the ferry, and then a 24 hour crossing to the UK. The food on board was not too bad, so I could last until then.

Unfortunately, I decided to load up on nuts along the way, buying several packets of various types from service stations. This was my downfall, as I usually only eat nuts if I have soaked, and de-hydrated them first. Obviously, manufacturers of packet nuts do not bother with this malarcky, so eating them was a risk. The thing is, I had eaten packets of nuts before and been okay. This time, I went over board, and ate a lot. I was okay at first but later on that night, my stomach told me how stupid i’d been, and diarrhoea, sickness, and sulphur burps followed.

This lasted for almost a week; on and off. The usual symptoms of a Candida attack of lethargy, weakness, blocked sinuses, and even stiffness in my right knee all came back to haunt me. I had been a lot better recently, with even my knee back to virtually full movement. It really is deflating when all your hard work is wasted because of a seemingly innocent mistake.

I tried to tell myself that maybe this was die off, but the sulphur burps were the major give away that it wasn’t. Foul tasting burps are a sign that food is not being digested properly.

If I did not have coeliac disease, then the usual sandwiches would have sufficed. You could say that being more informed now as to the health benefits of bread (or rather lack of benefits) is a good thing; this doesn’t make it any easier to find food whilst out and about though.



Thinking like an early traveller is the key. Before the days of service stations, and fast food, packaged snacks etc. travellers had to think in advance how they were going to eat on their journey. They would either prepare food before hand, or forage along the way. As foraging for food by the side of a motorway may appear odd behaviour to onlookers, preparing before hand is the way to go. First of all get your self a rice cooker (if you can get a mains supply along the way), or a gas camping stove. I have set these up in hotel rooms, ferries, or in the back of the car. There are plenty of different foods than can be made in advance, then reheated. You can prepare soups, boiled eggs, chicken drumsticks. Even veg’s can be cooked before hand, and brought with you.