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CT Scan With Bromine

I’ve just got back from the hospital. This time it was for a CT scan. My consultant recommended the scan to me after my latest Gluten Intolerance blood test results came back negative for anti-bodies. He was concerned that my lack of weight gain was because of another reason and not Celiac disease.

The CT scan is unnecessary as far as i’m concerned, but as my requests for Candida, or SIBO, or even Parasites have so far been ignored – all I can do is be patient.  This means waiting for the process to run it’s course before I can have the tests which in my opinion, will help me.

I went ahead with the test anyway – even though I know the risks. having had every other major test,  I may as well have this too. In fact, it was my wife that wanted the test more than me, so just to put her mind at rest…

The issue with CT scans, apart from the radiation blast – which could in theory cause a Cancerous reaction – is the added Bromine, which is injected into an artery whilst you are being scanned. This highlights your blood vessels, therefore making it easier for the veins to show on the readout.

The nurse asked me the usual questions, relating to allergies, etc. and asked if I was okay with them adding Bromine directly into my veins whilst having a scan. She also remarked that the scan cannot be performed without this. So, what do I do? I reluctantly agreed, and let them do their worst.

Unusually for me, I failed to research Bromine fully before the event – so many other things to occupy my mind. After arriving home, I performed some research into the possibility of neutralising the Bromine. I found that Iodine is the best substance for this. As I didn’t have any sea weed on hand, I looked in my supplement cupboard and found some multivitamins. There were two different brands, and the Value Pack brand turned out to be the the best, containing 450mcg of Iodine, with the Radiance brand from Holland and Barrett containing just 140mcg. The Iodine in both of these supplements is derived from Pottasium Iodide, which coincidently is a very good source of Iodine, and has been shown to deliver excellent results for curing bladder infections, and open up blocked arteries.

My reluctance in taking multi vitamins on a regular basis is the Vitamin E aspect. The issue is the fact that the Vit E in Valu Pack is derived from Dl-alpha tocopherol, which is a known carcogenic, which makes it a worse pill to take than the Radiance, as it too contains DL-at, but at a much smaller dosage. As a side note, it is a real pity that so many supplement pills have unwanted, and even harmful additives.

I immediately swallowed a pill. I found also that Nettle was a good source of Iodine, with Iodine being the cause of it’s uplifting effect. Apparently, the iodine reinvigorates your thyroid. As I had started drinking Nettle tea yesterday for the first time, I felt a mild comfort knowing that I had inadvertently prepared my Thyroid for an onslaught of Bromine.


A bit of Factual stuff

The Japanese consume 89 times more iodine than Americans due to their daily consumption of sea vegetables, and they have reduced rates of many chronic diseases, including the lowest rates of cancer in the world. The RDA for iodine in the U.S. is a meager 150 mcg/day, which pales in comparison with the average daily intake of 13800 mcg/day for the Japanese.


21st March; The test came back clear.

Could Arthritis Attack Be Candida Die Off

limpThe pain in my right knee irrupted about 9 months ago. It started all of a sudden, for no apparent reason. My knee began to swell up, with accompanying pain. Over a few weeks, the swelling increased, and reached a peak in about 3 months. I lost 30% of my joint movement, with intense pain if I put weight on it. Then after about 6 months the discomfort eased off slightly, with a decrease in swelling. I put this down to my better diet, and the fact that I might actually be healing my gut. This account stems from what happened 3 months ago.

This condition seems to consistently throw up surprises.

About 6 weeks ago, the swelling was so bad in my right knee that I could not straighten my leg – the range of motion was severely limited, plus walking on it was painful. I went to see my GP (nagging by my wife), and he told me to get an x-ray.

The results came back negative for ligament damage, and the doc’ stated quite calmly “it’s probably just a bit of Arthritis

“Great”, I thought sarcastically, I could’ve told you that.

Since then, the pain had been subsiding, along with the swelling – so all was looking great. My diet was working – cool. The major problem now being, I was still losing weight! Losing weight is a major issue with anti-Candida diets and the like. My Carbohydrate intake was limited to vegetables, with Swede giving me the highest proportion of carb’s. Even though I would pile high my veg, whilst eating loads of butter, meat, fat – it wasn’t enough.

I reckon I am eating at least 2000 calories per day, somedays as much as 4000. A breakdown of my food intake according to volume is;

  • Protein – 30%
  • Fat – 20%
  • Carbohydrates – 50%

Looking at this list, you might think there is enough carbohydrates, until you realise there is very little complex carbs or starch. Note* I need to work out calorific amounts of each food group. This is just an average, as some meals are very high in Protein, e.g Breakfast, which could be Scrambled eggs with Tuna, or bacon and Eggs. I usually have fruit once a day, consisting of pureed berries, with possibly a Kiwi, or pineapple thrown in.

So, as I had been making good progress, I thought yeah, i’ll make some Socca (gram flat bread). After all, it’s only chickpea flour, and olive oil. On the same day, I made a Teff Carrott Cake, sweetened with Organic Honey, and Prunes. I made these, and then promptly ate the lot within a few hours. My wife had a small amount, but I couldn’t resist eating the rest – I was on a carb binge. I also ate a large Chilli Con Carne with Red Kidney Beans and of course, more Socca. Chilli Con Carne being one of my favourite meals.

Later on that evening, my mind was a little fuzzy, leading me to make stupid little errors in my judgements. Disorientation was apparent, which made bumping into objects, and dropping things easy. My sleep was disturbed that night, a mild stomach cramp made sure of that. The next day was even worse. I was walking around normally when my knee suddenly went into spasm. The pain was back with a vengeance, and so was limited movement.

Was this Candida Die Off? I sort of wished it was, as it is well documented that if a person does not expel the dying Candida effectively, it can settle into joints causing swelling. On the other hand, there is a huge coincidence between my sudden joint pain, and an excessive carbohydrate intake.

From my research I discovered that there is a condition called ‘Fungal Arthritis’ or ‘Septic Arthritis’,

“Septic arthritis should be considered whenever one is assessing a patient with rapid onset of joint pain. Usually only one joint is affected”[w]

The medical and Scientific professions connected the two symptoms more than 20 years ago. The onset of this condition is usually attributed to patients with more advanced Candida infections, known as Systemic Candidiasis.

So, whether the joint swelling is caused by ‘die off’, or by a Candida overgrowth, what is the prognosis? As usual, there is no point bothering my GP, as he will just look at me blankly, or at best prescribe me Steroids, or some other drug which would no doubt make it worse.

So, am I back to square one, all my hard work for the last 3 months being ruined? Who knows. The only positive I can take from this, is that I did manage to put on 2 kg, which virtually rules out any major serious disease.