Methane SIBO

sibo anti-fungalsAre my symptoms conducive to Methane SIBO? Well, after having a breath test which showed only a slight elevation, I was told no you do not have SIBO, but recently I came across some information that made me think again, that SIBO could be my problem.

About three weeks ago, I started a FODMAP diet. I did this along with an anti-SIBO anti-fungal herbal protocol. Even though I had been tested for SIBO using a Lactolose breath test, which had come back clear, I still couldn’t stop thinking that my symptoms were synonymous with this condition. Then after reading an article which pointed out that there are different types of SIBO, with methane producing archaea being the most likely cause as I am constipated most of the time. Another blog I came upon mentions sulphur smelling burps as another symptom. This information cemented my reasoning as recently I had another attempt at probiotics but had a a bout of sulphur smelling burps soon afterwards. Although I do not get the sulphur smell after eating high thiol or sulphur containing foods such as eggs and broccoli etc.

The specific path I followed was to take Interfase about 25 minutes before eating, then two tablets each of NEEM, Berberine and Allicen with each meal. With breakfast I also so took half a teaspoon of VITASPECTRUM. I ate just three meals per day with no snacks. The Betaine was for high protein meals. I gathered a war chest of supplements and got my grocery list ready for a FODMAP fest. After about seven days on this protocol, I experienced proper bowel movements at about an hour after every meal – this was fantastic – not done this in years. To my dismay, this was short lived, as I relapsed after I ate a few strawberries with some coconut milk. This immediately bloated me up and I was back to being constipated again. I continued for another week, but even upping my dosage of Iberogast and increasing 5-htp there was no major signs of symptom relief.

I also experienced extreme fatigue. I initially put this down to die off, but as the malaise was relentless for two weeks, plus I was losing weight – which I could not afford to do, I figured there might be more to it. So, I added in to my diet Jasmine rice, and the occasional low fermentable potato. The addition of these starches did not stop the fatigue or increase my weight, even when I ate huge amounts.

I had to go abroad for business at this point, so abandoned the anti-fungals, plus most of the restrictive low fodmap foods. I do always try to eat Paleo at least, where ever I go, but at restaurants it’s difficult.

The one positive I got from this protocol was that my poo now sinks. A few weeks ago my stools started floating, which indicates fat malabsorption. This had continued even though I had tried various Bile increasing supplements. It appears that I must have done some good with the anti-fungals, as this is a definite improvement. Fat malabsorption is also a symptom of SIBO. So is carbohydrate malabsorption, which I know I definitely still have


Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

This is a really quick and easy recipe for Chocolate Mousse. I’m not a fan of any manufactured food product, so i’m not going to cheat by using a chocolate bar broken up and melted. You know what, I hate it when people do that, especially when it’s so easy to make from scratch.

This recipe is great for chocaholics or even people who do not have a sweet tooth. You can make it as strong, or sweet as you like. Sweetness is determined by the banana, as bananas will develop a different sugar structure as they ripen. The more aged they are, the more the fructose there will be. Fructose is the harmful part of the sugar complex, so you are better selecting a banana that is definitely not green, just yellow with a few brown spots. You may need to experiment with differing sizes and ripeness.

The recipe I use is this. It will make two or three servings.

100g Cold pressed Coconut oil

100g Cocoa butter

2 hp tbs Cocoa powder

2 Bananas


Warm a small mixing bowl in an oven on a low heat.

Gently warm the butter, and cocoa butter in a pan. Some people will use a bowl over a steaming pan, but  you are not melting pre-made chocolate. Just be careful, as you do not need a lot of heat. When the fats are melted, add in your Cocoa powder. Stir until well combined, then turn off the heat.

Get the mixing bowl out of the oven. Having this bowl warm will prevent the chocolate from solidifying too quickly. Peel bananas and put in bowl. Pour over chocolate sauce. Then use a hand blender to wizz until perfectly smooth. Pour in to ramekins, then place in your fridge. Leave them for an hour, as they are better when cool.

OD’d On Chocolate

Yeah Maaan

Yeah Maaan

The other day I had a mad craving for chocolate, weird as I don’t really eat the stuff these days. I reckon it was brought upon by a coffee I had the day before, I don’t usually drink that either. It must’ve been a craving for caffeine, it’s the only thing that makes sense. Anyway, my wife eats a lot of 70% chocolate, but a while back she had tried 80%. She only managed to eat one square. She did this twice, with two different manufacturers. So, we had two almost complete bars of 80% in a cupboard. The stuff had been there for over a year, so was past the best date. I suddenly remembered this and thought to myself, i’ll have a go at that strong chocolate, it’s never going to get eaten anyway.

Here I am, munching on this 80%, thinking this isn’t too bad, I actually quite like it. Before an hour was up, i’d eaten the two bars – 180 grams. I initially felt a little bit wired so drank some water. About three hours later, I am high as a kite. Spaced out man, in a really weird way. Repetition was great, so was mumbling and walking in circles. I wasn’t sick, but had great bowel movements. This lasted until the next day, I didn’t get much sleep that night either.

The next day, I passed a stool which was pale and filled with fatty globs. It turns out this is due to caffeine overdose limiting bile flow. I may have also been slightly poisoned by Theobromine, which is the substance in cocoa that can kill dogs. Theobromine can also kill humans, if eaten in large enough quantity. Caffeine gets metabolised to it aswell inside the body. Theobromine breaks down into the same metabolites as marijuana, which explains the drug induced state. I must also be more susceptible than most, as key liver enzymes which break down such poisons usually stop negative reactions. I know I have a slow metabolism, so this is another reason for me to not eat too much chocolate.

I wrote an article on chocolate here.

Over Emotional Due To Iodine?

I’m not sure whether i’ve always been this way, or whether it’s more recently ive noticed it, but I have emotional swings to the extreme. My mind goes from positive to negative like the electricity supply, with surges and declines in energy along with it. The slightest thing can set my eyes watering, or send me into a rage. It appears as though i’m on a tight rope constantly balancing out my feelings. I have also noticed a constantly pounding heart beat recently more than usual.

After a quick search I discovered that my recent bouts of brain fog, and depression could be caused by Bromism, which is when bromide is detoxed from your body. This could be correct, as I have been taking Iodine for a few weeks, and the other day, I accidentally gave myself an overdose. As taking iodine is as simple as dropping it into water, a slight distraction can cause 2 to 3 drops into a stream. I did not want to waste it, so drank out down anyway.

A protocol called salt loading will apparently work to get the toxins out the body. This is the method;

  1. 1/4 teaspoon* salt dissolved in 1/2 cup warm water, then followed immediately with 12-16 oz pure water.
  2. Repeat in 30-45 minutes if needed. May repeat again until copious urination begins.
  3. Observe subjective response (usually within several hours).

*Unprocessed sea salt is preferred. Be sure to ask your doctor
before implementing this or any medical strategy.

*Iodine Investigation Project participants have found 1/2 teaspoon
salt dissolved in water works faster than the 1/4 teaspoon dosage.

Visit Dr. Shevin on the web at


This is what I am going to try.


It’s taken me a while to get motivated enough to write this post. It’s the brain fog and fuzzy thinking – I just don’t seem to be able to think as clearly. I do have days when my mind seems to work fairly normally and this is one of them. It is a struggle to concentrate though. I am still unsure as to my underlying problem, having tried various diets and supplements, my general symptoms seem to the same as ever, albeit not as bad. I still have reflux after most every meal, with my digestion being on the very slow side.

I went to Spain for about eight weeks from August last year, where the set back started. It was a stressful time, as I was over seeing building works. My careful diet went out of the window as eating my Paleo diet isn’t as easy as it is in the UK. The veg is not as varied and as fresh as we get in Tescos. Even though a lot of vegetables are grown in Spain, it appears that the best goes to UK, so even in Spains’ largest supermarkets, the veg is very random and it’s even worse at markets. Restaurants are very tempting, because it is so much cheaper to eat out in Spain. The quality is pretty bad though – they do offer gluten free of course, but that is not the only consideration when choosing a meal. They cook most things in vegetable oil, and even when they do use olive oil, it’s not good when over heated. This kind of cooking does me no good, as I do not tolerate oils. A few meals, and I was sunk. I lost weight, couldn’t sleep properly, my hair fall accelerated. This set back lasted for my whole trip, as no matter what I tried I could not get back on track.

I then visited Japan for two weeks. Which was not too bad, as with careful choices, I managed to gain a little weight and feel better by the end of the trip.  The myth that Japanese people eat the healthiest in the world is complete nonsense. Maybe the odd few people who live out in the country, and subsist on a traditional diet of fish, and seaweed. This is the diet promoted to the west. The truth though, is that most Japanese have taken to the western diet, and enjoy pizza, pasta, and a weird take on curry. Gluten is everywhere in Japanese cooking, they add wheat to all sorts of things, including Miso soup and Tempura.

Now i’m back in dear ol blighty, thank the lord. I did fall a little during christmas and ate a good amount of chocolate (only the good stuff mind), but today after a few supplements good food etc. I seem to faring better. I must say though, I am very dis heartened that it is taking so long to get totally well. I may have to consider getting some expert help.

Why You Should Not Eat NHS Prescription Gluten Free Food

Avoid these foods

Avoid these foods

You’ve just been diagnosed with Coeliac disease, your doctor tells you it’s fine, don’t worry. All you have to do is avoid gluten. He says it’s really easy these days, and points you in the direction of a dietition, or the NHS prescription foods list. I have first hand knowledge of this situation. Further on, i’m going to tell you exactly why you should not be tempted to follow their advice.

When you visit the gastroenterologist or the dietition, they will no doubt tell you that your gluten intolerance is a result of your flattened villi and they may show you a picture to illustrate this. Then they may say that if you continue on a gluten free diet for 6 to 12 months your villi will heal. This may be true, but what they don’t tell you is that the gluten free food they recommend will not let you heal. To heal fully, not only have you got to not eat gluten ,but you must also not eat MSG, vegetable oil, nuts, and any grains including rice. A good thing would be to not eat processed sugar, in fact do not eat anything processed at all.

I’ve seen people wandering around the gluten free section of the supermarket not really knowing what to buy. I feel like telling them not to buy any of it, but I have tried this tact in the past with my cries falling on deaf ears. The disturbing fact of why people do not want to listen, is they’re stuck in the rut of wanting to eat what they’re used to eating. Examples are; bread, pasta, cereals, and even Bisto.

Unless you can completely change the way you eat, you are doomed to being ill. Not only as bad as you feel right now, but most probably an increasing array of worsening symptoms.

The Reason

The problem with gluten free packet foods is they are processed, and this means there’s going to be ingredients that your gut cannot tolerate.

Processed food is junk food – even if it is Gluten Free

Ingredients which include polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA’s), monosodium glutamate (MSG), refined sugar, preservatives, flavourings, the list goes on. All these substances are not only difficult to digest, but can also cause more harm to your healing gut lining.

Even if you are not eating processed/manufactured gluten free products and you are eating alternative grains, then beware because grains (and nuts) contain a myriad of anti-nutrients. From phytic acid, and lectins, to peptides with various other harmful proteins, sugars, or toxic prolamines hidden inside so called healthy grains.


Processed foods, grains, vegetable oils, are difficult for even the healthiest gut to digest. Then there are the various manufactured sugars which cause or exacerbate inflammation. This is why years of eating manufactured food will inevitably take it’s toll and lead to gut distress. As you are now at the point where your gut is distressed, you will need to be ultra careful.

Don’t despair though, you can heal your gut. I’ve been diagnosed with Coeliac disease, and have had a multitude of gut problems throughout my life. Thankfully, since I changed my diet my symptoms are almost non existent, and I am gradually getting better.



Candida Flare Up

This seems to be a regular occurrence. Just when I think i’m getting better and relax slightly, then bang – another candida flare. It drives you mad. There are three likely culprits for this latest one.


These are my possible instigators

Culprit No.1 Potatoes. I had been looking into the possibility that I could get much better if I increased my Resistant Starch intake, whilst taking probiotics. So, I steamed a few Charlotte potatoes one evening, and then ate them at breakfast the following day.


Culprit No.2 Methylated Spirit. This day I cleaned the bugs off the bumper of my car using Meths. Apparently it’s just alcohol, but the smell is strong.


Culprit No.3 DMSA. I had been dividing my 100mg capsules into 12.5mg capsules. I am doing this in preperation for my first round of mercury chelation.


Candida Flare Up
The usual symptoms for a Candida attack happened that night. racing mind – unable to sleep, when sleep does occur – wake up with sweat dripping, hot feet, phlegm.


So, which one could it be?

It could be potatoes, they are known to have a high glycemic load, and quickly convert to Candida food. I didn’t eat many though, perhaps 150 grams.

Meths could be the culprit as it’s a strong alcohol, and alcohol converts very quickly to candida food, the thing is It’s not like I drank it. So I may have absorbed some through my skin, and inhaled a bit more.

So, that leaves me with DMSA, for those with mercury in their bodies, when DMSA is taken it mobilises the mercury ready for expulsion. This process aggravates the candida, and can cause flare up. Maybe this small amount of DMSA through inhalation caused it.

The most likely outcome is a combination of all three. I figure small amounts of a toxic substance are okay, but there is a cumulative effect to be had from multiple toxic substances.


Cannot drink Chamomile tea no more

Histamine Reaction

Cannot drink Chamomile tea no more

Cannot drink Chamomile tea no more

It appears I may be getting more sensitive to selective foods. Tingling mouth and tongue, cracked lips follow when I drink Chamomile tea and Coconut milk. These are two foods I regard as healthy, it’s a shame I get issues, but unfortunately, this is the way it goes.

After a bit of research, I have discovered that I may be close to death.

“Anaphylactic shock is an acute, life-threatening emergency…..the following may occur within seconds or a few minutes after exposure to a substance to which you are very allergic: Tingling or numbness around the mouth.” (source)

I do not feel that my condition warrants the concern of being close to a anaphylactic shock, but it just shows how trying to diagnose yourself via the net can lead you to an over reaction. Many people have told me that they would not attempt to self diagnose via the internet for this reason.

The most likely cause is that my antifungals, and diet are working, and this is just another die-off symptom.

“Other death-stress chemicals cause direct cellular toxicity throughout the body. Immune/yeast complexes trigger the release of histamine, an irritating tissue hormone which initiates tissue inflammation and causes discomfort. Severe allergic and toxic reactions exacerbate the symptoms of Candida. Die-off reactions may last from a few days to a few weeks but usually clear up in less than a week.” (source)

Liver Cleanse

Someone told me to do it like this

It was when you said cleanse…

I had been meaning to try out this detox method for months, but for whatever reason I had put it off. Well Last Friday, I did it.

The Hulda Clark methods are controversial, but having read the book, ‘The Cure for all Diseases’, I was very intrigued by a lot of what she talks about. There are of course a number of people all over the internet that describe their liver flush protocols, but the best ones, are the ones based on Dr. Clark’s.

Liver Flush Theory
For those unfamiliar with this protocol. The theory is that throughout your life, your liver will accumulate stones. These stones are made from either cholesterol, or calcium. They are made in the liver, and travel down to the gallbladder, where they are mostly expelled during normal transit. Most of these stones will be very small. However, they do have a tendency to stick, and grow larger. In this situation the stones are called ‘intrahepatic stones‘. Gall stones would be intrahepatic stones which have travelled to the gall bladder. These will not present a problem until they grow large enough to cause pain. For people with impaired digestion, it is important that the stones are expelled, as a clean liver will help with your digestion, and healing.

This is how I did mine.

Wednesday; I started to cut down on the fat I eat with every meal. For instance at breakfast I would usually eat 3 or 4 eggs fried in butter with a few veggies. This day, I had 2 eggs, with a little butter, and a few more mushrooms. For lunch I usually have Sardines, or Mackeral with soup. This day, just soup. Evening meal, Grilled Salmon. I also pureed 5 Granny Smith apples. and made jelly with part of that. I made drinks from the rest, and consumed that regularly all day.

Thursday; Breakfast, 1 egg, and mushrooms. More pureed apples and Apple jelly eaten throughout the day. Lunch, soup with Kale. Evening meal, Gram pizza without cheese.


7.30 am Oat Groats, with banana and bluberries.

1.oo pm Apple Jelly, Leaf salad, cucumber, spring oinion, ACV and salt.

3.00 pm Enema.

5.00 pm 1 cup mint tea.

6.00 pm 1 tsp Epsom salts in a glass of sparkling mineral water (most people mix this with fruit juice, but I don’t mind the taste)

8.00 pm 1 tsp Epsom Salts in a glass of sparkling mineral water.

10.00 pm 120ml Virgin Olive Oil, with 150ml Fresh pink Grapefruit juice. I mixed this in a jar by shaking vigorously. I took this up to bed with me, and just as I was ready for bed gulped it down.

I had a bizarre night in bed, I just could not sleep. With my mind racing, and my feet scorching hot, it was very uncomfortable. This is pretty much the experience I have if I drink any alcohol these days, or if I eat too much of a sugary food (fruit) in the evening. The only thing I can put it down to is a Candida attack. I did finally get some sleep at about 3.00 am.


7.00 am 2 tsps Epsom Salts in a glass of sparkling mineral water.

9.30 am At this point I was concerned I hadn’t taken enough Epsom salts, as nothing was happening. I increased the dose, and took 3 heaped tsps Epsom salts in water.

10.18 am Small amount of diarrhea.

12.00 Now I was starving, and thinking that it hadn’t worked, I had some lunch. Just something light. I made a Pineapple, Blueberry, Pumpkin seed and Coconut milk smoothy and poured it over Apple Jelly.

12.30 pm Bigger dose of diarrhea.

12.45 pm 200g Dates.

Bouts of diarrhea all afternoon. I consider this exercise a success, as there was plenty of ‘stone’ like pieces, some floating, some not. They were different colours from light brown to ones with a greenish hint. There are people who like to catch these in a colander to see how many they’d expelled, but not me. I was just happy that i’d seen a few in the toilet bowl.

I developed really bad gut ache, like trapped wind, and I also experienced blocked sinuses, especially my right side (which I have never had before). To combat these symptoms, I took sodium bicarb, plus mag citrate, and mag spray. I also took a good shot of black walnut oil, and clove oil. After a while these symptoms calmed down.

Just before my meal, I developed severe adrenal fatigue. My legs turned to jelly, and my energy level dropped considerably. I decided to eat some food and see how I felt afterwards. I ate a normal evening meal. After half an hour I was still the same, so I drank a cup of licorice tea. Shortly after this, my fatigue faded and I felt fine.

I also ate some raw Ginger with raw Honey. Bouts of diarrhea happened all through that evening.


I am glad I did the cleanse, which expelled a lot of stones. With all the symptoms, I wondered whether I had made my Candida worse, or possibly released a parasitic infection, or maybe it was a toxic release. Upon reflection, it was more than likely a herxheimer reaction. The diarrhea lasted for two days afterwards, and my head seems clearer.

I will be doing it all over again in two weeks.

More Tests

In my relentless search to find the root cause of my problems, I have had various tests. There are a myriad of tests available from the NHS, and even more privately. This is a summary of tests I have undertaken in the past 5 months.

Stool Analysis

I have had a comprehensive stool analysis conducted by Parasite Testing Europe ltd. This test which entailed a stool sample was sent to a UK address, and then forwarded to a laboratory in Mexico. The reason I went with these is because I had had two stool tests performed by the NHS and they both came back negative I was sure there was something they were missing. The tests came back negative for parasites, but pointed out that I had a low to adequate level of normal bacteria. Their recommendation was to supplement with probiotics and cut out sugars and starches.


Parasite Testing Europe ltd. according to their website;

Parasitology Testing Europe Ltd based in Wakefield, UK is the European distributor for the Parasitology Centre, Inc. (PCI) in Scottsdale, Arizona.  PCI Europe was founded by Emma Lane, who has worked extensively over the last 10 years with human parasite, fungal and bacteria infections.   PCI Europe enables those living in Europe to utilise the worlds most advanced, consistent and well researched laboratory, the PCI, Arizona, led by world renowned parasitologist, Dr Omar Amin, for the detection and treatment of parasitic infections.

They are a professional organisation who have obviously a lot of experience gained from their parent company. The report detailed a number of parasites that my poo had been analysed for with a resulting summary of their findings. I scored a 2 from a scale of 4 for my Bacilli (normal bacteria) which suggested I needed to do more in order to get this higher. Incidentally, a 4 would indicate a bacterial overgrowth.

Breath Tests

This leads me to my next test, a Lactolose breath test which was with Bio Lab. I was still convinced that I had a bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and after several requests to my GP, and gastroenterologist resulted in them not being able to offer it me on the NHS. the results which came back showed a slightly raised level of Hydrogen at 9 ppm at 180 minutes. As a reading of at least 20ppm would be needed to signify an overgrowth, I can safely assume I do not have SIBO.

I had also elected to have a further breath test for Fructose malabsorbtion, as I was convinced that FODMAP’s were giving me trouble. The results of this test concluded there were no indications whatesover of malabsorption.

Bio Lab Medical Unit according to their website;

…are dedicated to assisting doctors sort out their patients’ problems in a way that does not rely on drugs as a first line of treatment. We have an intrinsic respect for the Wisdom of Nature and of each human being who, by virtue of their circumstances, has become a patient – one who suffers.

Bio Lab are professional, and the nurses are very friendly. They prefer you to be associated with a nutritional therapist, and as I am not, the results were sent to my GP.

After finding I was negative for SIBO at my GP’s surgery, my initial reaction was shock as I had been convinced this was my underlying reason. As had been suggested to me, that H Pylori could be my antagonist, I then asked the doc if I could get a H Pylori breath test. He could not offer this (even though I know other GP’s give it freely), he did offer me a H Pylori blood test though. This I undertook, and the result subsequently came back negative.

Osumex Heavy Metal Test

My next test was a heavy metal urine test from Osumex. I purchased this from Amazon.

I performed the test which showed positive for the presence of heavy metals including Mercury, and lead. Although this test proved positive, it came as a relief, with me initially feeling somewhat excited having found something that could be presenting me with issues. Perhaps this is the underlying cause of all my health problems?

A couple of other tests

A Candida spit test. This one is cheap and easy, and came in positive. I also tested myself for low stomach acid, using the bicarb first thing in the morning procedure. This suggested a low level, and confirmed it via the Betaine HCL challenge test, which also proved the same.